What is CoreSecurity?
CoreSecurity is a security gateway and built to integrate with the email system to protect data and stop threats in the cloud across SaaS from a single, cloud-native enforcement point. Its layered protection keeps your business safe from spam, virus and phishing threat, avoid your business suffer in unnecessary loss.
Anti-Spam Filtering Setting
Real-Time Security Report
Isolated Email Storage
Email Tracking
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Checking
Why CoreSecurity?

Accurately protect business from threat.


Additional functions are followed after detecting any threat:
Rejecting email, isolating email, deleting email or sending notification to receiver etc.


Use multiple, layered analytic engines and learning machine, including behavioral analytics, photo spam identification, IP reputation check, behavioral analysis and AI phishing identification etc.


System support administrator customizing the anti-spam setting, provide artificial intelligence data analysis and authorizing isolated email management.

How to install?

Installation is no needed. Your business can keep using your own email system and apply the service without any hardware/ software deployment. Set up with few step online.

Which email system?

Applicable in other email system, such as Exchange/ Domino/ Mdaemon/ Winmail/ Winwebmail/ Postfix etc.

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