Focus on Email Solutions

Coremail email system was launched in 2000, which is widely used by government, enterprise and other institutions

Company Overview

Coremail is an enterprise email solution provider with a leading position in the on-premise enterprise email solution market in China in 2018 with a market share of 30.1% in terms of the number of account users of approximately 38.1 million as at 31 December 2018, according to the Frost & Sullivan Report. We research, design, develop and implement enterprise email solutions and provide upgrades, maintenance and support services to our enterprise users.

We believe that ‘‘every email counts’’ and our mission is to empower enterprises and organisations with safe, reliable, high-quality and efficient enterprise email solutions to protect their information safety and improve their business performance. Enterprise email is one of the most prevalent forms of business communications, whose main functions include: (i) enterprise communications, (ii) information management and (iii) security monitoring. Enterprise email solutions we provide are collaborations of multiple software applications and services centralised with our self-developed Coremail Email System to cater for different needs and requests of our enterprise users. Majority of software integrated into our enterprise email solutions is developed by us and we had obtained 50 registered software copyrights and 25 invention patents for such software developed by us as at November 2019.

Registered Software Copyright

  • Coremail DS V1.0
  • Coremail Archive System V1.0
  • Coremail bulk email system V1.0
  • Coremail bulk email system V3.0
  • Coremail V5.0
  • Coremail XT V3.0
  • Enterprise Administration System of Clients V2.0
  • Coremail Security Management Centre V1.0
  • Coremail multi-data centre system V1.0
  • Yingshi Coremail XT enhanced safety digital mail system V5.0
  • Coremail mailbox safety clients software V3.0

Invention Patents

    Coremail have registed 25 invention patents in the past 19 years, including

  • Photo spam identification method and system
  • Mail attachment preview method and mail system
  • One kind of spam filtering method
  • Mail status identification method, mail server, terminal and email system
  • One kind of mail filtering message preservation method, mail server and email system
  • One kind of mirror synchronisation method in multi-point heterogeneity mail system
  • One kind of mass mailbox method and mass mailbox system based on virtual address
  • One kind of filtering method and setting based on short text spam
  • One kind of email categorisation method and its device
  • One kind of mailbox sharing method and one kind of mail server
  • One kind of number extraction method in email and its device
  • Business realisation method based on the assistance of script
  • External mailing control method and system
  • One kind of voice search method and device etc.
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