Information Management

Cloud Based Email System

Your business need a more flexible and compatible system to cope with different deployment needs and to be extended to global scale.

Cloud Based Email System

Cloud Application
Flexible add-on combination
Server & Storage upgrade
Advanced end-user interface
Cloud Application
Integrate with other Cloud applications
Coremail Anti-spam Center (CAC)
Cloud service platform
Cloud Deployment
Public/Private cloud platform
Overseas cloud acceleration
Overseas mirror backup

Enterprise Communications

Collaborating is easy with Coremail

The emergence of mobile Internet technology eliminates the boundaries of office hours and locations. Your business need a more convenient and compatible email solutions to satisfy the needs of synchronous in communication.

Data real-time messaging and file sharing synchronous in cross-platform, Coremail supports Outlook/ Foxmail plug-in, Mac/ Windows system in PC. As for smartphone application, iOS/ Andriod operating systems are also supported.

Security Monitoring

All-round security protection service

Coremail protection system with proactive and instant response, which make your business getting a head start. Leading industrial technology with tailor-made security solutions, a more comprehensive protection is provided.

All Platform Encryption Protection
System Defense Safety
Email System Usage Safety
Abnormal Behavior Analysis Center
User Access Safety
Message Delivery Protection
Data Storage Safety
Violence Cracker Defense
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